Month: March 2014

“You want me to do what?”: Decoding What it means to Forgive

i am what most people would call a ‘pessimist’, but I prefer to call myself a ‘realist’ – isn’t that just what pessimists say to make themselves feel better? strength finders actually tells me i am restorative, and my other strengths; intellection, context, strategic, and adaptability, all seem to tell me that i was created with the exact genetic makeup to find problems, figure out where they stem from, plan the best route and adapt any plan to fix the problem. well now, being a pessimist isn’t looking too terrible now, is it?

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Beginnings: Finding Joy in the Midst of Healing from Sexual Truama

aren’t beginnings just the best feeling in the world? i find whenever i am in the beginning of a new adventure or stage in my life, i almost feel like i am floating through life. take the beginning of a new relationship for an example; we’ve all been there and found ourselves thinking about life-ever-after with this person we just met mere moments ago. we are so eager for life to begin, that we often times forget there is still a middle, and an end to those beginnings.

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