Month: May 2014

Final Lie: Real Men Don’t Get Raped

i couldn’t help but overhear a troubling conversation between a grandmother and her granddaughter. apparently they were looking for baby stuff for a boy, presumably the girls little brother. she must have picked out a pair of shoes with flowers on them, and with excitement exclaimed, “look! how about these! these are pretty!” now granted, perhaps she was just thinking of herself, but don’t we all when we are younger? we have no real capacity to understand the needs and wants of others, especially those who aren’t born yet. who knows, perhaps this little boy would grow up to be a florist?

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Lie 4: Sexual Arousal Signifies Enjoyment or Consent During a Sexual Assualt.

i read an awesome article, which i think does way more justice to this lie than i could. so, i encourage you all to take a look at “what science has to say about sexual arousal during rape” in popular science by jenny morber, to get more of an understanding why experiencing sexual arousal or an orgasm during a rape or sexual assault does not indicate enjoyment or consent.

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Lie 3: Getting raped is preventable

Imagewe’ve all heard the comments made after learning about a rape, especially when on a campus. things like; well, did you see the way she was dressed? what did she expect to happen? or there’s no way he would do that without just cause, she must have said yes. in my line of work, i see it happen all the time, non-victims blaming victims, and worse, victims blaming themselves.

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