Month: June 2014

Facing our fears of worthlessness and learning to turn towards the light

i’ve recently found a love of sunflowers. not the type of love where i want my house covered in them or wear accessories with them, but the type of love that has meaning behind it. i used to hate sunflowers. i hated the color scheme, brown and yellow, blagh! who could possibly enjoy that color scheme? not only that, when i thought about sunflowers i always got a feeling memory of my childhood, and since much of what i remember about my childhood isn’t nice, sunflowers have always been a connection to my darkest times.

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The Power of Vulnerability: Brene Brown


i really like brene brown. i think she speaks beautifully and honestly. that’s what i love about her messages. last week, i met with a spiritual counselor who specializes in deliverance. as i work on breaking down some of the things that were brought to my attention and i was delivered from, i’m realizing there’s no way i can write a post about it in a week. so, i’ve decided to warm my readers up by introducing a topic that is near and dear to my heart, vulnerability.

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Finding Compassion for Our Enemies

please forgive me for such a late post. things have been a little crazy around my household, and when that happens writer’s block tends to creep in and clamp down on my mind. yet, in God’s beautiful fashion, He always redeems me, because when the writer’s block is removed, my inspiration sky rockets. i pray my readers reap the reward from what He has inspired in me.

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