Month: July 2014

Identity Crisis: Learning to let go of being a victim.

Identity+Crisis+_13e8c3_17566i think it is crazy that there are so many different ways to think about something in this world. it’s weird to know that the likelihood of finding someone around me who holds the exact same belief is unlikely. even more crazy is that we lump ourselves into various groups with the false belief that that means we align ourselves to the same belief system.

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Worth and Value: Wait, I’m still struggling with my worth?

while gallivanting around on my facebook page, i found a shared alert of a sex offender moving into a local city. i see many alerts passed around on facebook about sex offenders- all trying to do their best to locate, capture, and protect other individuals from the perpetrators dangerous behavior. like always, i clicked onto the comments section to see what others were saying about this individual. it’s not like i was expecting really awesome and polite comments of people praying for this individual to be healed from his devious ways, but i wasn’t expecting to feel the way i did.

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Being Persecuted isn’t the job of a Christian, Sometimes it’s to Just Be Quiet.

christian-persecution-570x387i’ve been haunted by many things going on in the church lately, and usually i am more apt to understand or see my frustrations come out when i see religion forcing it’s way into politics. heck, i’ve even wanted to throw up when i see religion creep it’s way into the happiest of moments, because it has this way of baring down all it’s weight and suffocating the beauty, doesn’t it?

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