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Will the Real Christian Grey Please Stand Up: My second opinion of the series on “Fifty Shades”

i was excited to see a domestic violence awareness ad during the super bowl this year. for those who didn’t watch the super bowl, the commercial was a reenactment of a 911 call by a domestic violence victim. the victim pretended to be ordering a pizza. the dispatcher asked the correct questions, and responded accordingly. we’re left to believe this victim got the help they needed.

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My Thoughts on Fifty Shades of Grey and how we should really be looking at its impact on Rape Culture


fifty shades of grey is coming to the big screen in 4 days. as i expected, the social media outlets are running rampant with opinions on not only the movie, but even which form of sexuality is acceptable for people to participate in.

i believe the latter will remain a heated debate until Jesus comes back and clears things up for us.

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You are not forgotten: My thoughts on the church’s Silence on Sexual Violence.

some times i feel lonely. do you ever feel that way? i don’t mean physically lonely, i mean mentally. emotionally. spiritually even. it’s like my thoughts linger at the restaurant, waiting for my guest to show up, only to realize i’ve been stood up. i ache for a loss i’ve no name for.

then the sun rises and reaches her fingers deep into my soul to remind me that He painted the sky just for me.

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