Month: February 2016

See No Evil: How Should Christians Respond to Evil?

in a small suburb outside of ¬†indianapolis, indiana, i saw something my eyes will never unsee. i felt something my spirit will never grow numb to. outside a burger king, a little girl no more than 4 years old walked out with, who i assume to be her mother and older brother. her ash colored hair was in an array, and her bright large eyes matched the large smile she had on her dirt covered face- although perhaps it was really just chocolate from a chocolate shake. i didn’t know. it didn’t bother me much.

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Finding Solace in the Unanswered Questions

the waves are crashing into the shore as i write this. sherlock, my dog, is laying on the bed, his face halfway in the warmth of the sun, watching the various kinds of birds taunt him as they sore through the wind. the sun feels nice, it’s been a chilly couple of days.

we’ve gone on another small road trip to the southern east coast of the united states. a welcome relief from the sub-zero temperatures in minnesota. even with the past two days in chilly charleston, south carolina we’re still better off here than back home.

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