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Finding Solace in the Unanswered Questions

the waves are crashing into the shore as i write this. sherlock, my dog, is laying on the bed, his face halfway in the warmth of the sun, watching the various kinds of birds taunt him as they sore through the wind. the sun feels nice, it’s been a chilly couple of days.

we’ve gone on another small road trip to the southern east coast of the united states. a welcome relief from the sub-zero temperatures in minnesota. even with the past two days in chilly charleston, south carolina we’re still better off here than back home.

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Where’s The Mercy: Finding Peace in the Midst of Trials

i’m standing with bare feet on a dirt road leading into a torn and abandoned village. there are thatched- roof houses still throwing flames up towards the sky, and smoke rising from fires that have been choked out. slowly inching forward, my feet are burning from the heat of the ground, yet my body is shivering from the cloudy sky above. There are empty bullet cartridges scattered everywhere, and arrows clinging to the buildings, smoke rising from their entry points.

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Overcoming Shame: What to do when shame shows up… Again

there’s a voice that pops up in my head sometimes, feeding me lies. this voice whispers my greatest fears, propelling them into truth, or at least creating a false vision of truth. this voice vibrates throughout my body, making me see it as real, and forcing its way into my core so much so that i can’t tell the difference between myself and this voice.

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Where’s God when you need him? : Learning to find God in the darkest of times.

i don’t recall the above photo. more specifically, i don’t recall sitting there when my husband took this photo. the grand canyon was so breathtaking that its massive beauty swallowed me up, took my thoughts captive, and literally kept me from thinking– it forced me to be present.

being present is something i’m not very good at. i’m exceptionally good at being in the past- just ask my close friends and family, or strength finders 2.0. it’s not that i’m comfortable with my past, it’s that i’m terrified of my present.

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