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My prayer for Redemption and Grace in my own life: Part 1

can i get real with you? i mean raw, unfiltered, and pure vulnerability. i’ve been thinking about redemption and grace lately. in my line of work this isn’t spoken of often. many people are fueled by anger, ‘justified’ anger. the kind of anger that is backed up by experiences of being violated. the type of anger that should force the people who’ve never experienced that level of violation to be quiet and listen. yet, i can’t help but see the hypocrisy in this. you see, we long for grace and redemption but are unwilling to give it back.

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Pride and Forgiveness: How Pride Keeps us from Forgiving Ourselves

in my last post i talked about forgiveness. i want to continue on that theme and talk more specifically about forgiving oneself. when many of us think about forgiveness, we rarely think about having to forgive ourselves. sure, it’s mentioned in passing during a conversation or after a break-up. we are told to “give ourselves a break”, but we aren’t told to forgive ourselves. further more, we aren’t really told the damage we can cause to our body, mind and spirit by not forgiving ourselves.

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