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To You: An Open Letter To The Man Who Raped Me.

you will likely never read this. in fact, you probably don’t even remember who i am, apart from my various body parts. to you, i had no name. to you, my purpose was a place to pour all your rage and frustration with life into.

the after school specials taught my friends you only existed in the shadows, but i knew better. you were in charge of my livelihood, and apparently i was in charge of yours.

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Fear: Still learning to conquer it.

i was thinking the other day, as i often spend my time doing, about all of my dreams. there are two types of dreams i’ve found; the type i want to come true and the type i just like to dream about.

i’ve dreamed about going to ireland since i was a little girl. i vividly remember my dad calling me from ireland when i was little and telling me it was very green and everything had clovers on it. i’ve since discovered that while the land is very lush and green, the emerald isle is not in fact, completely green and covered in clovers. yet, this hasn’t curbed my love of ireland.

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Is God enough? Learning to see the world differently

hello friends. once again i feel i must apologize for being so late on my posts. i left the social media world a couple of weeks ago in hopes to focus on my novel, and unfortunately life happened and my posts needed to be pushed. i hope to share bits and pieces of it on my post, so stay with me!

in the last several weeks since i last shared something with you all i’ve had to face some pretty tough realities. it’s been a reality i’ve longed for, for some time now, only i had imagined i’d feel much different when it happened.

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RIP Robin Williams: My experience with and prayer for all those who suffer depression

in honor of one of the funniest comedians, i opted to share a different message today. i’ve picked a clip from one of the movies i love so much, “what dreams may come” with robin williams. please take a look and allow some of the messages to sink in from both this clip and my message.

as many of my readers may know by now, robin williams has passed away. i actually found out through a text message from a friend of mine, who said that he took his own life. i couldn’t believe it. i was stunned. i immediately sought out the internet, because that’s a reliable source, to figure out what happened. my heart ached. my heart still aches for the loss of someone who brought so much laughter into my own life, and i know many others.

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