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My prayer for Redemption and Grace in my own life: Part 1

can i get real with you? i mean raw, unfiltered, and pure vulnerability. i’ve been thinking about redemption and grace lately. in my line of work this isn’t spoken of often. many people are fueled by anger, ‘justified’ anger. the kind of anger that is backed up by experiences of being violated. the type of anger that should force the people who’ve never experienced that level of violation to be quiet and listen. yet, i can’t help but see the hypocrisy in this. you see, we long for grace and redemption but are unwilling to give it back.

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To You: An Open Letter To The Man Who Raped Me.

you will likely never read this. in fact, you probably don’t even remember who i am, apart from my various body parts. to you, i had no name. to you, my purpose was a place to pour all your rage and frustration with life into.

the after school specials taught my friends you only existed in the shadows, but i knew better. you were in charge of my livelihood, and apparently i was in charge of yours.

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Lie 3: Getting raped is preventable

Imagewe’ve all heard the comments made after learning about a rape, especially when on a campus. things like; well, did you see the way she was dressed? what did she expect to happen? or there’s no way he would do that without just cause, she must have said yes. in my line of work, i see it happen all the time, non-victims blaming victims, and worse, victims blaming themselves.

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“You want me to do what?”: Decoding What it means to Forgive

i am what most people would call a ‘pessimist’, but I prefer to call myself a ‘realist’ – isn’t that just what pessimists say to make themselves feel better? strength finders actually tells me i am restorative, and my other strengths; intellection, context, strategic, and adaptability, all seem to tell me that i was created with the exact genetic makeup to find problems, figure out where they stem from, plan the best route and adapt any plan to fix the problem. well now, being a pessimist isn’t looking too terrible now, is it?

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